I want to share with you our alphabet learning games and activities we play through the year according to the season. These Alphabet learning games are suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten too.

The learning alphabet is one of the fundamental skills of a child. First of all, the alphabet is all the letters of the language. Furthermore, the alphabet is a sequence of letters from A to Z. We practice to use them individually and all together.

best alphabet activites for preschoolers

We spend a lot of time learning the names of the letters in the alphabet. Certainly, we want that time to be spent engaging, hands-on and fun! An important principle when teaching letters with children – Interest! 

As a rule, children memorize the order of letters through poems and songs. 

To explore letters, we use our Seasonal Alphabet Learning Center Bundle

Engaging Ways to help kids identify letters

For young learners, identifying letters could be a very difficult task to comprehend and master. Providing engaging hands-on and kinesthetic opportunities for students to practice identify and recognizing is key to learning the alphabet. Here is a list of some of our favorite ways to practice letter recognition.

Developing finger muscles in young learners is so important as the begin to write! You can combine fine motor and alphabet practice in some ways, using fine motor activities and games.

A nice early learning educational toys set of cute nails to develop children’s IQ, creativity, imagination, recognition, coordinate kids’ hands, eyes, heads, develop kids intelligence in playing. 


Learn to recognize 26 alphabet letters.


Playdoh stamps are great for small hands stamp and write letters. 

Sorting games with letters

Teach kids to differentiate letters from numerals with fun sorting games. Every season is wonderful and motivates us to create new games and activities for our students. And they love it!

I use sorting activities for the determination of letters from numbers and uppercase from lowercase letters.

Uppercase & lowercase letters sorting activities

Autumn uppercase & lowercase letters sorting activities

These letters sorting activities are quick to prepare. All you need is to grab some glass gems. You can find similar ones here on Amazon.
We searched for all lowercase letters and covered the letter with a gem.

Alternatively, you could also use the whiteboard markers and have kids color or cross out the letters. I typically have both available and let them choose.


Summer uppercase & lowercase letters sorting activities

Alphabet matching games

Playing with alphabet matching games – is a simple and fantastic learning tool because there is so much you can do with it! This alphabet learning game are perfect for thanksgiving theme.


Thanksgiving owls alphabet matching game

Capital and lowercase letter matching games are usually fun. This is an activity that helps your kids to identify which uppercase letters belongs to which lowercase letters. 


Winter alphabet matching games

This is perfect for introducing upper and lowercase letter matching for Pre-K students as well as review for Kindergarten students.


Spring alphabet matching games

It can be used as an independent sensory activity or as a game in a literacy center.

Alphabet clothespin matching games for kids


Learning the alphabet is something we spend a lot of time on in Preschool and Kindergarten! That’s why I wanted similar games and activities to have on hand so kids could have choices, but technically be working on the same skills and materials. These seasonal alphabet learning centers do just the trick. We have autumn, winter, spring, and summer alphabet learning centers for this.


I always try to include in our schedule alphabet learning clothespin games. First of all, fine motor skills practice is important for little fingers. Also, it is a great tool to recognize and name letters of the alphabet.

Letters searching games for kids


Summer alphabet searching activities.

There are a lot of different variations of letters searching activities for kids. Therefore, we change our games and alternate them. For example, one day we use “find and cover” activities. Two days later, we use the “find and trace” game and so on.


 In the beginning, to identify letter names, we use magnet letters or pumpkin-letter-cards for letter matching. The pull and trace activity is a great center for kids who are learning their letters. 

Here are some items we us with these printables:

  • whiteboard markers;
  • dot markers;
  • glass gems;
  • mini erasers;
  • magnet letters; 

Spring birds alphabet searching game for little learners.

 You can choose to use either Uppercase or lowercase mats. Preschoolers, who are just learning letter names, could look for letters that are the same. And you could have students match opposites. They pull a letter, find its match, and trace over it. 

I place the letters in a basket for my students, sensory bins or boxes.

Sensory boxes for letters searching

Sensory bins are sure to get children excited and make letter learning fun. I often include a sensory element to our activities.  Little students don’t even notice that they are learning!


English Language Arts Standards I use in my Games

Reading Foundational Skills for Preschool and Kindergarten:

4.A.ECf Differentiate letters from numerals.
4.B.ECa With teacher assistance, recite the alphabet.

4.B.ECb Recognize and name some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet, especially those in own name.

4.B.ECc With teacher assistance, match some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet.
CCSS.RF.K.1d Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Grab the alphabet activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or snag the huge Bundle to have seasonal centers planned for all year long. Visit my Library to find out other joyful games and activities for preschool and kindergarten.

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