Easter activities for preschool to make learning fun

Easter is almost here! I’ll show you some of our favourite Easter activities and games. I hope you’ll find some inspirational ideas for your easter learning.

Easter Sorting activities

All year we using a lot of sorting activities… One of them – egg sorting game with letters and numbers. It’s perfect for toddlers and pre-k. To make this more fun and challenging you just need to add a sensory box or plastic eggs and hid them (eggs with letters and numbers) in.


Easter fine-motor activities

For the development of fine-motor skills and pre-writing practice, we are using Easter tracing cards.  


For the development of perseverance and fine-motor skills, we use Easter lacing cards with funny bunny and eggs. 


And of course, color matching activity with pom-poms.


Easter math activities


Count with Easter Bunnies and play with them. Children are working on number sense, one-to-one correspondence, counting, and subitizing. With little chicks and clothespins, kids are finding out missing numbers in number sequences from 1 to 10.


These and more Easter activities you’ll find in Easter set “Easter Adventures Bunny and his friends.”

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