Easy Learning Numbers Activities for little learners with free worksheets

If you are looking for Easy Activities to teach Numbers for your little learners with free worksheets, you are going to LOVE these fun counting and fine-motor activities.


Introducing Numbers for little children

Today I am going to show you how to introduce Numbers for little learners as Numerals. 
But, before we dive in, let me notice, that introducing numbers as Numerals isn’t the first step to teach your child.

The first step is going to be Introducing Numbers through the Counting Aloud.  You can start teaching counting aloud with your baby as soon as possible. Start to teach numbers through songs, books, and life experiences. Little learners listen to numbers, repeat them, and memorize their order. 

Then, focus on numbers and a proper understanding of what those numbers mean. After that, we begin to work on rote counting.  You don’t have to show them numbers, but anyway, little learners like a sponge collect all sounds and images.

Teaching numbers roadmap

The second step: As little learners start counting aloud numbers, it’s natural for them to begin counting objects.
It’s time for you to provide them with fun activities to connect counting aloud and counting objects. In the beginning start with no more than 5 things. And step by step, add one more object up to 10. Use books, flashcards, counting mats, and toys to practice counting during your math lessons.

Before you start to introduce written numbers to your children, provide them with enough opportunities to practice visual discrimination and visual perception. Use all kinds of matching games with your little learners.

The third step: Introducing Written Numbers begins with Visual Perception. The primary purpose is to memorize and identify numbers visually and name them correctly. Numbers are everywhere! That’s why number recognition is so critical to a child’s success in math.

And now, it’s time to introduce numbers as Numerals and Develop Visual Perception skills.   

Worksheets help you with practice. Don’t forget to download your free copy, before you go…👇

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Introducing Number 1

When you and your toddler are ready for learning numbers begin with introducing the number 1. I recommend starting play-based lessons with two years old toddler. 🧡 But, before numbers, I recommend introducing colors, shapes, and matching activities first.

Easy to prep activity to introduce number 1.

Introducing number 1, it’s the first step in learning numbers. And it’s the hardest one. Because you have to present at the same time 0 (none), 1, and many (more than 1).


Number 1 learning worksheets with 3 levels of differentiation


Number 1 – Cut and paste activity with robots to sort one and many.

Your child has to practice to build the foundation of encouraging learning numbers. You have to create an opportunity for more practical activities and educational games. But, you don’t need a lot of activities, you need more different objects to count.

You may grab these worksheets to learn numbers with your child. To download them, click on the link below.

Introducing Number 2


Learning Worksheets to introduce number 2

The main goals to introduce numbers are:

    • Recognize and identify numbers;
    • Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities;
    • Сonnect counting to cardinality.
    • Count to tell the number of objects;
Children are learning through playing and doing. That is why keep repeating numbers in play. Give your child meaning with clothespins and objects. Your child will be observing you and learning.

For my little ones, I’ve made Number books 1-10.
Easy to prep and fun to use!

Counting fruits 


Learning worksheets with Number 3


Easy to prep worksheets to introduce number 3

Children practice one-to-one correspondence when counting to 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

Provide manipulatives (pom-poms, glass stones, buttons) to build numbers and number quantities.

Learning activities to introduce numbers 4 & 5


Number 4 learning activities with little cars


Number 5 learning activities with birds and butterflies

Creating numbers using any manipulatives develops fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are essential for early childhood education.

Easy to prep activities to Introduce Number 6


Learning number 6 with counting blocks

Use counting blocks or Lego Duplo blocks to make introducing number 6 fun. Represent the number of objects with the written numeral 6. Then ask your child to build a small tower, counting each piece.

Learning activities to introduce numbers 7 & 8


Learning Number 7 with Play-Doh  


Learning Number 8 with natural stones

Use any objects to introduce numbers. No matter what do use for learning, the main purpose is understanding the principle.
If you are following the idea of natural learning – use stones, coffee beans, acorns, beans to practice counting. If you are a creative mom and you have a lot of buttons or beads – use them. It will save time and make preparation easy for you.

Learning Activities to Introduce Number 9


Learning number 9 with counting mats – worksheets

Early Childhood Learning has to be fun and engaging. If you show them how to play, your kids will love math and numbers. That is why be patient about the child’s playing and throwing manipulatives.

You may grab these worksheets to learn numbers with your child. To download them, click on the link below.

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